As a very young man in the mid 70's I made over 900 freefalls of which some 300 were camera jumps. I learned from the very best, Carl Boenish, the pioneer of modern freefall photography. I used a helmet mounted, motorized 35mm Nikon F-4 for stills and a GSAP aerial gun camera for 16mm film...eventually I was lucky enough to be published in Sports Illustrated and earned film credits with ABC WW of Sports. This was back when cameras actually weighed something and the G forces on opening were never a welcomed experience. I am lucky to still have my more ways than one!

The few shots that you see here in this link were the original ones that got me started in this business in 1974. They continue to remind me that it takes more than a fast lens and good camera equipment to record any photo image worth marketing.

Michael J. Canella