Still photography is more a craft than an art form. The truth is few professional photographers ever venture into art. They are just too busy making a living. The ones that pursue true creativity balance science and witchcraft very carefully. The images you see in this link represent my humble attempt. Whether digital.... 2 million pixels, or 20 million pixels, or still film.... 35mm, medium format, or large format.... still photography is simply a measure of light and shadows. No light.... no shadows and no color. Motion picture film and video have similar requirements, but are more forgiving though some may argue different. The real key is the quality of the lens regardless of the format and the discipline of the eye looking through it.

Yet, it was Alfred Hitchcock who stated, "A good photographer never has to look through the viewfinder to get the shot!" Ansel Adams certainly comes to mind.

A good photographer never stops learning.

Michael J. Canella